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Booking the congress dinner 

Please note that signing up for the conference dinner is a separate process than registered at the meeting.

The congress dinner has to be booked and paid before the 20th of January. Payment must be made exclusively by credit card.
Conference dinner: (price: 42 €.) will be held on Wednesday 6th February 2019 (21:00) at Fábrica Moritz Barcelona, Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39 - 41, 08011 Barcelona.
If you have any food intolerance or you follow any special diet please let us know it in writing to info@congresosociedadibericaecologia2019.net.

Attendance to the Conference dinner is optional and shall be booked and charged separately. Seats are limited up to 300 pax, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Attendance to the diner is available only for participants of the conference. Due to the limited number of available seats, we do not admit reservations for accompanying persons.


1. Click on the Congress dinner Booking Button (avobe).

2. After entering/verifying your personal data, Check on the correspondent radio-set-button.

3. You will be referred to a secure-bank-page of payment.

4. After completing the payment, a purchase-receipt of the dinner will be automatically e-mailed to you.

Thank you very much for registering at the 1st Iberian Ecological Society Meeting!!!