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Poster presentations

Poster Sessions


Poster sessions will take place at the exhibition tent located in the grass area of the Faculty of Biology, Universitat de Barcelona, during the coffee-breaks and lunch time and will provide an opportunity for discussion in a relaxed setting.


Posters will be displayed for two whole days (Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th / Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th), so interested people may view the poster even when authors are not in attendance. However, presenters are required to attend to their posters during the coffee- breaks and lunch of their respective Poster Session.


Poster sessions schedule:

· Poster Session 1. Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th February:

From 11:00 h Monday 4th to 20:00 h Tuesday 5th

Sessions GS.01; GS.02; TS.01; TS.02; TS.06; TS.09; TS.12; TS.13, TS.14; TS.15; TS.16; TS.17; TS.20 and TS.21

· Poster Session 2. Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th February:

From 8:30 h Wednesday 6th to 18:00 h Thursday 7th

Sessions GS.03; GS.04; GS.05; TS.03; TS.04; TS.05; TS.07; TS.08, TS.10; TS.11; TS.19 and TS.22


Poster presentations must be written in standard English, always following PORTRAIT (VERTICAL) format. Highest printed format: 110 cm wide x 140 cm tall.

You´ll be in charge of hanging your poster to his allocated place. Boards are labeled with the code of each poster, in order to facilitate location. There will be some information points around the poster display area, staffed by a volunteer of the Organization who can help you.


Thumbtacks are supplied at the registration desk and poster place, and it is the only method for attaching the poster to the board.


Please remove all material from the poster board when you dismount your poster. Posters remaining up after this time may be disposed of. Please be aware that all posters assigned to poster session 1 must be removed at the end of Tuesday 5th, in order to make room for the posters assigned to poster session 2. 



Advise on publishing content:

Abstracts of the contributions accepted by the Scientific Committee are compiled and published at the abstract book of the Congress, which is issued in a digital format and directly available at the web site of the meeting. Authors shall assume the entire responsibility of the accuracy, originality and ownership of the content of his/her abstracts. In this regard the Organization understands that first authors have received the express consent from each involved co-author and have authorized the publication of his/her abstract in any means of dissemination/divulgation property of the Iberian Ecological Society (SIBECOL) and Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre (AEET).


Advise on Social Media:

Social media is a great way to communicate what will be happening, to share ideas, to create collaborations and connect the meeting to the world. We encourage all to tweet with the hashtag #SIBECOL19 and follow the event on twitter with @sibecol.

It is a great way to share experiences. However, we understand that some people do not want to broadcast their research. This is an important issue and must be respected. For those people who do not want to have their presentations tweeted, we have created a “do not share” image to add to their poster or to the beginning of their presentations. If the image is not presented, we understand they are happy for their research to be broadcasted. Please respect the request in case the image is present.



a) The SIBECOL POSTER AWARDS: The Iberian Society of Ecology will award the best posters (first, second and third place) in the categories “original and clear science communication” and “scientific creativity and science innovation”. In the first category, the awards will go to the scientists that manage to originally and optimally use the poster space to communicate their work in a way that all present ecologists, so from different fields, can easily get the take-home message from their research. In the second category, the scientists that nicely communicated the innovation they brought to their research field through creative research will be awarded. To compete in this category, it might be a good idea to highlight the innovation you present. All poster presenters automatically participate to win one of these awards that consists of 400 EUR (first place), 200 EUR (second place) and 100 EUR (third place) in each category.


b) The TRANSMITTING SCIENCE POSTER AWARD: Transmitting Science will award the best poster by a student in the category “innovative methodology”. The winner will receive a free course from the Transmitting Science course offer. To compete for this award, you are asked to integrate the purple-star logo (below) on, or next to your poster.


c) The EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY POSTER AWARDS: The journal Annals of Botany-PLANTS will award the two best posters by students within the session on evolutionary ecology in terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments with 250 USD each. The first five accepted papers to the special issue related to this session will moreover receive 50% discount on the publication costs.


Winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of the Meeting, except for the evolutionary ecology award winners that will be communicated after the end of the evolutionary ecology session.


If you have any observation to be made regarding your presentation, please contact us at: info@congresosociedadibericaecologia2019.net


Thank you for participating. This Congress would not be possible without your invaluable contribution.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!