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Oral Presentations


Oral presentation may have undergone slight modifications with respect to the previous programme, and it may have shifted to another slot-time. It is due to last-minute cancellations. We have done our best to set up fluid sessions. You may consult your slot-time of presentation at: http://congresosociedadibericaecologia2019.net/Conference_PROGRAM_496_p.htm

Time allocated for Oral standard talks is 15 minutes.

Time allocated for main talks is 30 minutes.
Presentations can be given orally in any of the official conference languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish), but presentation slides should be in English. The whole slot time given for each talk includes the oral presentation time plus a question time. Plan your talk to allow for 3 minutes for questions. Your presentation time is limited. Please, keep in mind the importance of tightly adjusting to the available time and ensure your talk does not overrun the time it has been allocated. The session chair will keep you to time, signaling when you have 1 minute of speaking time remaining, prior to questions.

Presentations can not be uploaded directly in the session rooms. You can either send it by email to sibecol2019@gmail.com before Saturday, 2nd February (included), or you can deliver it in a USB stick the day before your talk at the Speaker’s Room, that will be set up for this purpose and advertised at the registration desk. For users of Prezi, we much appreciate if the link to the talk is sent to sibecol2019@gmail.com.

You cannot use your own laptop for your presentation. All presentation files will be deleted from any of our computers after the meeting. Presentation schedules are very tight, so please be sure to deliver your final and definitive version on time.

Whether you send your presentation by email, or bring it to the conference, you should name it (the file) according to a specific format to facilitate file management. This will be your location code (it will be sent to you by email, also available here) followed by a lower bar and your last name, as in the made-up example: GS.02-O-7_Pérez.ppt


Please arrive at your session 15 minutes prior to the published start time of the first talk and make yourself known to your Session Chair.


We strongly encourage speakers to attend their own session in full!




Session rooms other than the Aula Magna are equipped with PCs with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2010, and a projector with XGA resolution (1028 x 768, 4:3 ratio). Presentations with 16:9 ratio should display automatically, leaving black bands above and below the presentation to fill the screen. The Aula Magna is equipped with a projector with WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200, 16:10 aspect) and Microsoft Office 2016. All computers are equipped with VLC software for video display, but testing your presentation for the correct codecs beforehand is advised.


Besides PowerPoint, Prezi presentations are allowed, but presenters should carry self-contained presentations for display. Pdf presentations are both allowed and encouraged as a backup.



Advise on publishing content:


Abstracts of the contributions accepted by the Scientific Committee are compiled and published at the abstract book of the Congress, which is issued in a digital format and directly available at the web site of the meeting. Authors shall assume the entire responsibility of the accuracy, originality and ownership of the content of his/her abstracts. In this regard, the Organization understands that first authors have received the express consent from each involved co-author and have authorized the publication of his/her abstract by any means of dissemination/divulgation property of the Iberian Ecological Society (SIBECOL) and Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre (AEET).


Advise on Social Media:
Social media is a great way to communicate what will be happening, to share ideas, to create collaborations and connect the meeting to the world. We encourage all to tweet with the hashtag #SIBECOL19 and follow the event on twitter with @sibecol.

It is a great way to share experiences. However, we understand that some people do not want to broadcast their research. This is an important issue and must be respected. For those people who do not want to have their presentations tweeted, we have created a “do not share” image to add to their poster or to the beginning of their presentations. If the image is not presented, we understand they are happy for their research to be broadcasted. Please respect the request in case the image is present.



The European Ecological Federation (EEF) will award the best oral presentation by an early career scientist in the field of theoretical ecology. This award, the EEF Ramon Margalef award, consists of 2000 EUR to be used for a research stay or meeting attendance. Candidates should have confirmed to be eligible for this prize before January 10. The EEF Ramon Margalef award winner will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of the Meeting.
Within the session on evolutionary ecology in terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments, the journal Annals of Botany-PLANTS will award the best oral presentation by a student with 500 USD. The first five accepted papers to the special issue related to this session will moreover receive 50% discount on the publication costs. The award winner will be announced after the end of the evolutionary ecology session.
Certificates of presentation of contributions will be issued only in digital format and will be sent by email to the main author. Main authors will be in charge of forwarding the document to any other involved co-author.
If you have any observation to be made regarding your presentation, please contact us at:

Thank you for participating. This Congress would not be possible without your invaluable contribution.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!