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Mentoring program

With the desire to cultivate the best in the next generation of researchers in ecology, we will organize an orientation and mentoring program in which early career researchers (e.g., undergraduate or master students, PhD candidates) can share experiences with more experienced researchers. The program is designed to help early career researchers navigate throughout the SIBECOL conference experience. This will include help in choosing which talks to attend, discussing relevant talks seen during the conference, as well as more general advice on the scientific career and professional development or future options and funding programmes. In addition, conferences represent an ideal place for researchers to interact with others in their field or in other fields, yet these interactions tend to be more difficult in the case of early career researchers, thus, mentors might also help in introducing their mentee to other relevant senior scientists. Mentors will be paired with early career mentees based on their common research interests.
Mentoring relationships will be established during the first day of the conference (on Monday 4th February) within a 2 hours workshopand will be continued during the whole duration of the conference. Ideally, after the first informal meeting, mentors and mentees will communicate (via email, phone, social networks) to plan future meetings in which they can discuss conference highlights (e.g., during poster sessions). Mentors are also asked to attend the mentee´s talk or poster and provide feedback.
If you are interested in participating as a mentor or as a student, we encourage you to sign up for this experience in the registration form.
  • Students can apply for mentoring in the registration form by clicking on the "Tutored student" radio button bellow the "Mentoring program" option. This service is optional and free of charge.
  • Senior researches willing to tutor undergraduate, master or phD students can sign up at the registration form by clicking on the "Tutor" radio button bellow the "Mentorig program" option. It is a voluntary in-kind contribution and will not be remunerated.
Further communications will be required in order to match interests and fields of study among participants (students vs mentors).
Capacity: up to 50 seats.
Conveners of the mentoring program:
Ignasi Bartomeus (EBD-CSIC) & Ainhoa Magrach (Basque Centre for Climate Change, BC3)