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Call for workshops
Workshops are intended to convey specific knowledge or skills or to start to become familiarized with the use of auxiliary technology tools in order to improve quantitative and qualitative research methods. They can involve extended discussion as well as hands-on training sessions.
Workshops may be organized by one or several leaders/presenters.
Workshop will be scheduled on Monday, 4th of February 2019. Time allocated to each workshop may vary between 1.5 and 4 hours.
Proposals should include:
  • Title of the workshop
  • Description of the workshop (250 words max.), including the knowledge, skills, or tools that participants are expected to gain from the course
  • Name and contact information (affiliation, email) for the lead organizer and any co-organizers
  • Minimum and maximum number of suitable participants
  • List of specific prerequisites for participation, (basic knowledge, previous experience, degree of specialisation or whatever...)
The Organizing Committee will select workshops among the received proposals to fulfil the available slots, on the basis of the scientific quality and the potential interest by meeting attendees. Workshops will be open to all meeting attendees, first-come first-serve, who meet the stated prerequisites.
Interested organizers are asked to submit his/her proposal until July 10th 2018. Download the workshop template, fulfill the required fields and return to info@congresosociedadibericaecologia2019.net. The Technical Secretariat will confirm receipt of proposals by e-mail.