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Call for Sessions
Participants are encouraged to send session proposals. We are looking for transdisciplinary and integrative scientific sessions to organize the 1st Meeting of the Iberian Ecological Society (SIBECOL). Sessions are encouraged to address the proposed topics of the conference (see bellow). Yet, any other subject of broad ecological interest that embraces different branches in Ecology will be welcomed.
  • The interplay between ecology and evolution
  • Biogeography and macroecology
  • Biodiversity and ecological networks
  • Microbial ecology across scales
  • Functional and structural responses to water and nutrient constrains
  • Biotic interactions and ecosystem functioning
  • Extreme events footprints across ecosystems
  • The water-land interphase: from molecules to ecosystems
  • Global change impacts on biogeochemistry and ecosystem productivity
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem conservation
  • How Ecology serves the Society: services and nature-based solutions
  • Ramon Margalef legacy
Proposal must include:
  • Organizer/s (Names, institutions, emails). At least one of the organizers must serve as the moderator and shall be responsible for leading the session and ensuring observance of the timing. Moderator may not serve as a speaker in his/her own session, although may have a talk in any other session.
  • Title of the Session.
  • Summary (100-200 words): Should focus on the theme of the session. May include background information, goals, objectives, importance, and interest to the attendance.
  • One sentence session summary (<50 words): A very short version of the session description will be appreciated. It will appear in the print program and be read by attendees deciding whether or not to attend the session.
  • One potential keynote speaker (name, institution, email, and tentative talk title). Emerging-career speakers are also welcomed.
In the interest of broadening participation, each participant may only submit one proposal.
Time allocated to each accepted session will vary between 1.5 and 2.5 hours depending on the number of registered abstracts. A session will consist of one keynote talk and shorter oral presentations. Keynote talks will be 20 min long with 5 additional min for questions and discussion. Short oral presentations will be 13 min long with 2 additional min for questions and discussions. Sessions will be open for any contributor interested in participating and oral contributions will be accepted up to fill the allotted time. Depending on the number of abstracts registered within each session, the organizers can decide whether to include a slot of flash presentations (3 min each). 
All proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the Meeting. The Scientific Committee will review the proposals on the basis of the following criteria: scientific quality, potential interest by meeting attendees, a clearly written and compelling description, and potential keynote speaker and participants.
Notifications of acceptance: Session organizers will be notified of decisions by early June 2018. 
Interested organizers are asked to submit his/her proposal before 5th of May 2018. Download the session template, fulfill the required fields and return to info@congresosociedadibericaecologia2019.net. The Technical Secretariat will confirm receipt of proposals by e-mail.
Important considerations:
All speakers contributing in the symposia will be required to submit his/her abstract and to register for the conference before the respective established datelines.
Please note that meeting registration is not waived or reduced for anyone participating to a session, keynote speakers included, and that the meeting organization will be not able to provide any travel and subsistence allowances.
When asking keynote speakers to commit to the session, organizers should inform them that the session could be scheduled any day from Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th February 2019. Cancellations and schedule changes are very disruptive to meeting planning. It is therefore very important that symposium organizers obtain firm commitments from their keynote speaker before submitting their proposal.