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Advise for chairpersons and moderators

Chairpersons are requested to take over the responsibility for correct start and end of each time slot.
The whole time given for each talk includes the oral presentation time, plus at least 2 minutes for questions. Session chair must keep speakers to time, signaling when speakers have 1 minute of speaking time remaining, prior to questions. Please, keep in mind the importance of tightly adjusting to the available time of each presentation, and ensure that speakers do not overrun the time allocated to their respective talks.
The organizing Committee consider important to give special attention to students and doctoral candidates. Thus, they will be given priority to ask questions or discuss the topics during the question time. They will be identified by showing a red card.
Please arrive at your session 15 minutes prior to the published start time of the first talk.
We strongly encourage chairs to attend their own session in full!!!
Thank you for your invaluable contribution. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!